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วันอังคารที่ 23 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552


The chlorine is (chloline) , if mention will when is the chlorine ? . Must the leavings no that , must have the sodium always with in feed formula because 2 both of this elements work to accompany with when there is combination is in a picture of salt (NaCl), be the expansion palatability(appetite is) of proportion food of the salt in the food has can to help in eating of animal absorbing absorbing of the sodium and the chlorine, both of 2 this element can happen quickly but , when the mineral can is influential in absorbing thing other the chlorine is the mineral that has to load is ( minus,erase ) that abound most in the body something the majority is splitting in outside cell liquid such as plasma cerebrospinal fluid and liquid that protect to treat liquid within nerve center cell also with the sodium , at meet a little within the cell chlorine usual level in the plasma has about narrow value between 3.3 arrive at 3.9 a gram / liter depletion show , symptoms show torns the chlorine can happen a little in animal in the nature, because usually we add in salt picture for enhances eating for example show depletion chlorine animal greatly still have report perhaps clear however has will the symptoms resembles with torn the sodium , drowsy suffer from constipation , carry hard eating is down , produce alms is down. Work duty of the chlorine be formed important in load stay in liquid around duty important cell of location chlorine around the cell is build to equilibrium within and the outside of chlorine that cell still participate important that are an element of acid well up , in gastric juice in the stomach and have in some book mention the chlorine that , be the part helps to transmit of the immunity reaches blood trend and still dare to that take the eatables please at were digested with acid in the stomach send to go to still blood trend next again , something must in minimum quantity of the chlorine in the food , the chlorine that meet in that fruit has a little quantity and sometimes the vegetables in the nature are a place where Amen! besides , as a result still meet in torch earth water (the underground water is ), already have the bringing uses in a picture. Chlorinated, which use a substance sterilizes the disease is is bing that conspire to is in the food that consumes or the chlorine that mix in the feed is will in salt picture (NaCl) , in quantity lowland last human in the body to will induce to develop the body for grows up to come to 700 a milligramme /day absorbing the fat chips to seep and the driving go out the advantage of the chlorine in the food rather tall , and will send transfer in a picture of load mainlying will happen at the liver and the kidney dismiss of the chlorine are will in a picture of the cause and urine if there is a little driving chlorine goes out of the cause , urine , and be left be down with.


Introduction Choline be important thing in an organ of animal and still are valuable 2 bely , be structure division , ( building unit ) , and ? is a chemical compound in process fat supervision ? , choline can can separate that , be the vitamin again one of the vitamin B total up although it will no is regarded as is the vitamin truly choline have no the property is like the vitamin B it has can synthetic in the liver , be formed at the body will must very can see that , be the components in building figure more than the stimulator ( Coenzyme ) choline , be a chemical compound in the body which , discover before the vitamin , choline be important nutrient in animal almost all and use to are the food maintain for some kind animal ( e.g . the poultry and a pig , ). Duty choline dare to at 4 type in animal body choline dare to at in the process , metabolic , for building and support cell structure , have in , phpspholipid , at have the structure of , lecithine ( phosphatidylcholine ) meet in the importance of Protoplasm , and in last of clear tiny , choline , the center is in , phospholipid , that can separate be , phospharyl choline , cytidine diphosphate choline and last acid phosphatidic which cause lecithin. Lecithin be the part of , cell membrane of animal and have in the process dislocate the fat in a membrane cover the corpuscle , ( cell plasma membrane ) in condition progress unusual hindrance choline , will formed important at an element of phospholipid , at necessary in the cartilage that between the bone , the duty in the process metabolic and the analysis choline , loud show in 14.2 choline pictures dare to that in the process , metabolism , in liver fat , help interrupt fat accumulation in unusual liver ( liver fat ) by it will ventilate in a picture of lecithin or enhance the fatty acid has that to is useless in the liver by oneself choline be formed cause lipotopic which affect the fat in the process , metabolism by it makes the fat in the liver crumbles and can decrease , choline , in a picture of , acethylcholine , will formed signal the nerve when ,at nerve end that call that. Parasympathetic (a nerve that the head with at the coccyx ) it causes relayying motivation the nerve from the fiber , Presynaptic ( , near the dot joins ) go to at back dot fiber joins the nerve of the nervous system and last dot of the nervous system , (Sympathrtic and parasympathetic) an example of acetylcholine at liberate come out will formed encourage a nerve that a skull causes the heart dances slow down , and still make ovaries pipe can is born contract contraction , 4 duties of choline at get from the change of the group , methyl , in a picture of , methionine , from , homocystine and creatine from acid guanidoacetic. , however in practice , Choline - homocystine can analyse that , have no important relation in feed gang that will meet a little in the nature that yes share the process metabolic ( Ruiz et al ., 1983 ) the source of the group methyl that give choline that will opposite with the gang , beeten ( C5H11NO2 , ) be a chemical compound that use to cure frail muscle and deteriorate , ) which exist in liver fat but not enough cause bleeding condition in the kidney , the circuit of choline , loud show in 14.3 graphs which , tell arrive at the relation of an element and destruction of the group methyl .


The cobalt had can to absorbed easily by the experiment digests in animal and a human have something , can in absorbing about 26.2% of all substance quantity of the cobalt at can can absorb (Toskes, 1973) because of from the education in usual human can can indicate that , within the intestines of a human can can absorb since , 20 arrive at 97% (Smith, 1987) absorbing solution the cobalt in animal will ruminate that a little effective more than animal that has one stomach about 3% from the change is giving in a picture of the vitamin B 12 s in rumen, (Smith and Marston, 1970). According to the procedure absorbs that change oral cavity way or ruminating within cobalt substance in the sheep or the cattle will happen about 84-98% appear see from faeces of animal within 5 s arrive at 14 day (Smith, 1987) the efficiency of cobalt supervision change to in a picture of the vitamin B 12 s will change to get back to with the cobalt that was imported go to in for the first time. Thus , Smith and Marston (1970) get a report goes to in 8-18% rates s of change procedure this time in the sheep that has cobalt supervision but have just about 3% when a substance has that to change enter for the first enough time already. in the vitamin had B 12 that produced have 1 only arrive at 3% to only absorbed enter among of all animal species the area where have absorbing of animal will ruminate to have sticking to stays a little in intestines area that has small-sized , the procedure will absorb to change down go to still smaller part intestine , and will have absorbing again at smaller intestine at the end area , absorbing that not good effective extremely , will affect go to still location microorganism in the stomach with the efficiency of absorbing is will down since. Cobalt substance has changed to become a substance that is not the vitamin B 12 which can not absorb or , applied get again or sometimes in substance production comes out between the vitamin B 12 with a substance quickly something digesting crumbles will touch control by way chemistry procedure , in the part of the vitamin B 12 s have will transmitting goes to still the wall in the intestines which there is substance requirement aforementioned and applied both of location tissue within and the outside at have can to capture with vitamin that substance , from the experiment and study to follow this requirement, referable from , McDowell. 1989)
(1) quantity vitamin supervision B 12 receive sufficiently.
(2) for usual stomach has that can not absorb the protein from the food will receive the vitamin B 12 at was liberated come out.
(3) usual stomach that produce a chemical compound for keeps for absorb the vitamin B 12 at smaller intestine at the end area.
(4) the pancreas is usual (tripsin) want the vitamin B 12 that liberated go out before there is touch between the vitamin and a chemical compound within and (5) smaller intestine at the end area will perform to is like catch a substance and use in absorbing with , spreading to the tissue and something may a picture of a substance , about 43% of the body that the cobalt will change to and may a picture that the muscle , and , about 14% will remain in the bone ( Underwood, 1977). Remainder will mixed up go to follow part tissue differs , for example kidney and the liver area part that have the cobalt is capturing in the a large amount will at , kidney , liver , pancreas , spleen , and the heart , share then think be 0.25,0.15,0.11,0.09, and 0.06 ppm respectively , Andrews (1960) , get a report keeps that , , the proportion of location cobalt in the liver is will born equal prevent with the vitamin B 12 with general animal , beneath grassland state that have cobalt quantity sufficiently in the grass , the cobalt that exist at the liver haded applied enough [ when ] prevent with the vitamin B 12 but , in occurrence cobalt condition is will born 1 only in 3 of the all cobalt at is born in the liver , the indicator that happen in case of of cobalt this depletion , can see that , in the vitamin will B 12 is severe more that happen from part other organ , at pertaining to the cobalt , generally the vitamin has B 12 can dissolve the water , Kominato (1971) , get a report arrives at half life state of the tissue is will bingalive about 32 day , the indicator indicates to arrive at the saving heals the tissue takes can keep , in case of the cattle and the sheep will can keep the vitamin B 12 in the liver have in depletion cobalt picture are many month bump against to have no the indicator of vitamin depletion B 12.

Copper :Cu

Copper in the body exists very in the liver , brain , kidney , heart , pigment , in eyes , I [ hair ] and carry , next exist in the pancreas , the muscle of the spleen , skin , and the bone , thyroid gland part , pituitary gland , and the gland thymus , there is the copper in the a little quantity , in tiny animal has will the copper in all organ , aforementioned , in tall quantity has more in big animal with full speed ahead already , the copper in the blood about 90% is in a picture of , a2-globulin, ceruloplasmin , and 10% stay in the erythrocyte , important duty of the copper , encourage the work of pertaining to enzyme , the procedure is metabolism , of the iron , building tissue , elastin , collagen , melanin , and the work of nervous center system , necessary build [ wasp ] building , hemoglobin , in the procedure builds the erythrocyte , (hematopoiesis) , by pertaining to something , mature , of the erythrocyte , besides , still bear fruit make the circulation of normal blood , pertaining to building substance a color , (pigment) , of the colour of hair , and fur , the copper had can to dismissed in the body by change by good sea , participate a little at touch [ cheap ] dismiss the way , a substance that dismissed pancreas way , urine , and sweat absorbing metabolism , and the driving goes out of the copper , absorbing copper the majority is born in the smaller intestine and especially in the larger intestine , copper part that dismissed come to is in the cause is the majority , and the minority was dismissed come to with urine , which the copper was dismissed come to with many bile in the sense of s walk the food there is a report that the driving goes out of the copper in the bile , be held to be the one artfulness in condition preservation equilibriums of the copper , and in animal ruminates to meet that , there is pouring copper comes out with the a little bile more in animal doesn't ruminate , in condition preservation equilibriums of the copper in the body was controled by chest driving of the copper more than enhances absorbing that the intestines which different from the iron mechanical of absorbing copper still don't know certain but believe in that , the copper absorbs in a picture of , stable soluble compleses the majority catches with , amino acid , but , do not touch [ cheap ] absorb in ion picture when touch [ cheap ] absorb the copper will catch with alblumin , and the amino acid like [ model ] , The loose in order to , be born transmitting goes to still the liver that is the storage collects of the copper , absorbing of the copper that receives from the food or , from salt inorganic substance not different place , absorbing copper in big animal with full speed ahead is between 5-10% but , in animal copper child was absorbed between 15-30% the factor that has absorbing of the copper at affect from the mineral together be molibdinum , and , the level of both of far watermelon condemns and that exist in the food affect absorbing of the copper , by , education subject eatables document please a science ruminan (117742) , the Mr.merit minds , the alkaline sharpens 455030074-8 zoology department agricultural sciences faculty , - 2 - Khornkaen watermelon far university and decrease the advantage of the copper in the sense of walk the food of animal , by the touch and the copper are a chemical compound that don't dissolve in the sense of walk the food , be , Cu-thiomolybdates , make absorbing of the copper is down , (Grace, 1983) , besides the factor about animal can is influential build [ wasp ] absorbing of the copper , e.g. absorbing of the copper in animal ruminates while , the stomach is rumen , still drag the feet , (pre-ruminant) , tall more animal that have the stomach rumen that develop with full speed very ahead , (0.8 , and 0.06 in the sheep , and 0.7 and 0.05 in the cow ) , and the parasite in the sense of walk the food meets that , affect absorbing of the copper also , the symptoms of animal that torns the copper cause the anemia in the character , hypochromic microcytic anemia , in thin animal kind such as , I [ rat ] , rabbit , and a pig , cause the anemia in the character , hypochromic microcytic anemia , in a cow and the sheep , in the lamb , pig child , and the biceps that torn the copper will act up nerve way call that symptoms , swayback , be , hind legs will disabled walk not convenient , the death rate is tall , bear fruit make building bone unusual be make the part cortex of long bone , (long bone) , The thin , fragile break easy , in the poultry bears fruit to make an egg is down , have a haemorrhage , and enhance death percent in the caterpillar of animal wing in the sheep makes a color carries unusual , if in the feed has the element , far watermelon and tall too tinplate animal will may act up to torn the copper because bilateral element will go to disturb the enzyme , sulfide oxidase , make the quantity sulfur in tall body goes up , which will make animal can not lead the copper goes to can apply the symptoms of animal that receives tall too copper , the sheep and cow child that receive the copper that mix to appeared exceed requirement many milk show yellow symptoms is pale (jaundice) have hemoglobin come out with urine (hemoglobinuria) , and tissue cell dies a lot of and die finally , a pig that receive the copper too much , the progress is will down , be the anemia but not be severe die immediately because of , the liver was destroied and have a haemorrhage a place of the copper in usual feed general state has will enough copper which depend on the mineral in the earth that grows the plant that with , the copper abounds in gang seed food now have copper addition in the feed in a picture of copper sulfate(CuSO4) , or , copper oxide ( CuO).


Iodine is be details mineral ( trace element ) , one at have the requirement will of neither , be a human or animal no matter , and the mineral is thatting participate in in Thyrold hormone , thyroxine and thiiodthyronine , symptoms show of iodine depletion ( Iodine deficiency disorder ; IDD), express give see by the disease the goiter, (Goiter) that is to say the gland is Thyrold have large-sized go up unusual with regard to element iodine depletion progress development doesn't be in line with the distance (Hetzel,1990, cite by Russel,1992) , in show depletion element iodine human , there is give see get in throughout provincial of the disease , and especially , in animal , also . Absorbtion in the food and the water, iodine will stay in a picture inorganic iodide when log in a pipe the alimentary canal is (Gl tract) will touch [ cheap ] absorb by the touch like [ model ] , loose of , plasma protien iodine in a picture , iodie will touch [ cheap ] absorb enter still the lungs picture chemical compound iodine part such as iodoform lead take the iodine reaches can change skin way , eating that have the iodine pouring saliva or liquid that eat in digesting and were abridged , (Breakdown) , iodine , hormone , will touch [ cheap ] absorb come back by change the footpath of the system digests the food , in animal ruminan , there is about 70-80% in the part of hole round stomach is that suck to get back to and again 10% suck get back to in stomach part , Abomasum , because iodine there is the relation directly in liquid in hole round stomach takes to assemble the iodine , picture lodothyronine and lodinated amino acid be formed that make have fruitful secret seeing , the lead goes to use of the tissue and splitting the iodine was sucked get back to and have spread log in liquid have in the body quickly when body receive iodine place by plasma sent go to still Thyroid gland 90% more of that receive Thyroid gland apply and dismiss urine way , will have the saving dams up (Storage) , keep get by intensity condensed system , and lead went to use by something oxidise get quickly , and will lead come back in a picture of Thyrosine which show stay in a picture , Monoiodotyrosine , Diiodotyrosine , triiodotyronine (T3) , Tetraiodothyrosine (Thyroxine ; T4) , and have a chemical compound in other picture such as Thyroglobuline , be a picture of the iodine catches with the protein and the fat is (glycoprotein) , in Thyroid gland , be storage place collects in a picture of the hormone more 90% will a picture of the iodine is Thyroid procedure , metabolism , of the iodine in air milk bubble ovaries untidiness , be an organ that have the pulling applies , the iodine is a lot of , such as , in the caterpillar (Fetus) in animal is born new , and in the ovaries of the mammal , the iodine in the body a body helps is born the development of egg bulb , (follicle) , there is sucking uses the iodine in a picture , I which there is the accumulation in the tissue in the blood of the pancreas already have the transportation , thyroxine , go to still the caterpillar , quickly in the distance of pregnancy , the poisonous and element iodine depletion , (TOXICITY) , a kind of animal has feelings quickly , (Susceptibility) , build [ wasp ] the poisonous of the iodine but animal has will the durability builds the level of the iodine , exceedingly the requirement and have the durability builds iodine level , such as , animal ruminates 5 ppm (NRC , 1980) 300 ppm , 400 ppm , 50 ppm , pig poultry horse levels for in animal s ruminate , the show arrives at something the poison of the iodine , might happen when exist in 50 - 100 ppm foods in animal age a little has the rapidity builds [ wasp ] something the poison of the a little iodine more than animal that is breast-feeding , in animal child ruminates to meet that , durable build [ wasp ] the poisonous done to a turn 50 ppm levels s in the addition appeareds the food pays back milk , get 5 long ago week. Toxicosis (depress apatite) , dull , listless, excessive tear food iodine alms too much make losing performing work system s of the hormone work system of immunity cell , (cell- mediated immune system) by decrease building ability , antibody to meet build [ wasp ] disease occurrence , which bingpoisonous of the iodine happens quickly the back receives the iodine too much , the poisonous that express to come to in egg chicken , feed in liver cage , be , decrease egg produce , egg size is down , and decrease hatchbility in a pig , if receive the iodine in 400 ppm level foods s don't press the progress , using food efficiency , but if receive 800 ppm go to press the progress , decrease eating , decrease the level of the corpuscle , decrease condensed intensity of iron level in the liver.


Magnesium be metal element that exist both of general in the plant , in animal and the sea water , there are 21 life halves hour meet very in the body has spread is stayying 70 % general meet in 25 % frameworks s meet in 1 % muscle is between outside cell liquid , in usual state will meet that , the level of Magnesium , in , plasma 0.75-1.3 mmol/L (18-30 mg/L) , Magnesium , there is a role in the stimulation particularly specifies and is cofactor of enzyme. The many such as thiamine pyrophosphate Magnesium the ion will encourage the procedure , oxydative phospholyration if torn Magnesium this artfulness do not happen besides Magnesium , ion , still can represent ion manganese , in performing is cofactor get fully almost every interaction Magnesium there is important role in the shuffle between nucleic acids , and , nucleotide in the cell which will go to encourage the enzyme DNA polymerase RNA polymerase, ribonuclease, deoxyribonuclease and other enzyme at pertaining to the enzyme of the procedure metabolism , of , nucleic acid , Magnesium , there is opposite role with the calcium by Magnesium , go to halt the work of the enzyme myosine adenosine triphosphate and encourage the procedure , hydrolysis , of , acetylcholine , by change the way cholinesterase the effect has important role in transmitting trend the nerve and squeezing of the muscle when be outside the cell will pertaining to sodium transportation and the potassium change the cell membran that call that p - k pump , absorbing , in animal doesn't ruminate to have absorbing that at duodinum and at the beginning of the larger intestine the part in stomach animal totals up there is absorbing area , Reticulorumen (about 25%) absorbing character like [ model ] ACTIVE TRANSPORT driving part departs the body , will touch [ cheap ] dismiss in a picture of , cause urine and milk depletion , animal that receive the food that has the quantity of Magnesium not enough which be high class of Magnesium in plasma lowland that call that hypomagnesaemia bear fruit make the progress is slow the produce is low be born taut condition be upset convulse die finally Magnesium (Magnesium, Mg) Magnesium be the mineral again one that is significant build [ wasp ] animal specially in animal ruminates be likely in depletion show has easy splitting of of the magnesium in the body is like potassium , and important element in liquid within the cell , by 70 % Magnesium stay in 25 % frameworks are in the muscle and 1 % stay in outside cell liquid , in usual intensity condensed condition of Magnesium , in plasma , be between 0.75 - 1.3 mmol/L (18 - 30 mg/L) .

Depletion magnesium

Depletion show in animal that receive the food that torns magnesium , make condensed intensity of magnesium be down call that hypomagnesaemia , make the progress and the produce are down , there is the symptoms is upset when the level is magnesium lower very ,might bring about to the symptoms shakes to jerk be born the convulsion wriggles to draw bend and die finally the symptoms torns in a pig the symptoms that torn in a pig until the level , hyperirritability , will have muscle symptoms jerks , the balancing act is not good , The frail , and ( lose/go dead ) the equilibrium in the body , draw and die finally meet that there are death upland rate in pig child from a report meets that if a pig torns in 25 levels or , 75 ppm bear fruit as follows be slow growth, stepping syndrome and die finally if torn until 125 ppm levels have will the symptoms tetany and death the symptoms torns in the poultry , animal that receive the food that has magnesium lowness will affect the progress , make excessivelying slow , be tame seep , draw and die , in egg chicken meets that the size of an egg and the weight are down , and hatching rate goes out with less in a duck if there are many depletions , as a result , will die in 10-16 period of times day , the symptoms torns in ruminant , animal that torn severely , be be high class magnesium , in low blood , (hypomagnesaemai) act up convulse , subject to spasms , and die finally , might born and calcium depletion or fever milk especially in the milk cow that give a result to produce in tall milk , which , will show the relation with magnesium , in the blood , be the level of magnesium , low 0.2 mmol/L ( 5 mg/L) just.

วันอังคารที่ 16 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Effect from consuming food the protein

The body has no an organ at can pick the protein can keep very is like cow vegetarian food trick or , fat , the protein haded picked ? but , a few follow the tissue thoroughly go to , if , lack of nutrition the protein , body , will crumble the protein from the tissue comes to use , the tissue and an organ that can give the protein easy , be , the forces suits , liver , and the kidney , the condition is exceed , if , receive the protein exceedingly the requirement , for usual person still don't meet that , be punished that be severe , but , should careful about all cause , this time , especially who the disease kind some , but , who touch [ cheap ] hot water fire scalds a level is severe , should receive protein food increases .
1. having U oval very , which , will touch defecate urine way increases , then should careful in lay at the disease the kidney , for who the liver disease , (acute hepatic encephalopathy) , as a result , should not consume the protein too much , because of , the liver performs to build U oval no .
2. having acid U happens very , protein kind meat animal food has acid chips very , oval in acid chiped to became acid U to will must dismiss kidney way , if , abound the expansion , the duty defecates of the kidney , acid U is a substance that the kidney can dismiss difficult , then should careful in a person who is the disease the kidney , if , abound will cause the disease scratches , and the gallstone in the sense of walk .
3. having fatty acid urines is full and stump cow wait for more and more , the food that have tall protein will can like to from animal meat , at like to to have the fat aforementioned coexist always with , if , receive the protein from animal meat too much , may receive 2 both of kind this many fats follow to go to with , make have the risk builds bing disease blood heart vessel , narrow tall hard go up.

Effect of protein

ร่างกายไม่มีอวัยวะที่สามารถเก็บโปรตีนไว้ได้มากเหมือนกลัยโคเจ็นหรือไขมัน โปรตีนจะถูกเก็บได้บ้างแต่ไม่มากตามเนื้อเยื่อทั่วๆไป ถ้าขาดอาหารโปรตีน ร่างกายก็จะสลายโปรตีนจากเนื้อเยื่อมาใช้ เนื้อเยื่อและอวัยวะที่ให้โปรตีนได้ง่าย คือ พลาสม่า ตับ และไต ภาวะที่เกิน ถ้าได้รับโปรตีนมากเกินความต้องการ สำหรับคนปกติยังไม่พบว่ามีโทษที่รุนแรง แต่ควรระวังเกี่ยวกับสาเหตุต่างๆ ต่อไปนี้ โดยเฉพาะผู้ที่เป็นโรคบางชนิด แต่ผู้ที่ถูกไฟไหม้น้ำร้อนลวกขั้นรุนแรง ควรได้รับอาหารโปรตีนเพิ่มขึ้น 1. การมียูเรียมาก ซึ่งจะถูกขับถ่ายทางปัสสาวะเพิ่มขึ้น จึงควรระวังในรายที่เป็นโรคไต สำหรับผู้ที่เป็นโรคตับ (acute hepatic encephalopathy) ก็ไม่ควรบริโภคโปรตีนมากเกินไป เนื่องจากตับทำหน้าที่สร้างยูเรียไม่ได้ 2. การมีกรดยูริคเกิดขึ้นมาก อาหารโปรตีนประเภทเนื้อสัตว์มีกรดนิวคลิอิคมาก พิวรีนในกรดนิวคลิอิกจะถูกเปลี่ยนเป็นกรดยูริคที่จะต้องขับออกทางไต ถ้ามีมากก็เป็นการเพิ่ม หน้าที่ขับถ่ายของไต กรดยูริคเป็นสารที่ไตขับออกได้ยาก จึงควรระวังในคนที่เป็นโรคไต ถ้ามีมากจะเป็นสาเหตุของโรคเกาท์ และนิ่วในทางเดินปัสสาวะ 3. การมีกรดไขมันอิ่มตัวและโคเลสเตอรอลมากขึ้น อาหารที่มีโปรตีนสูงมักจะได้จากเนื้อสัตว์ ที่มักจะมีไขมันดังกล่าวอยู่ร่วมด้วยเสมอ ถ้าได้รับโปรตีนจากเนื้อสัตว์มากเกินไป อาจจะได้รับไขมันทั้ง 2 ชนิดนี้มากตามไปด้วย ทำให้มีความเสี่ยงต่อการเป็นโรคหลอดเลือดหัวใจ ตีบแข็งสูงขึ้น


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