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วันอังคารที่ 23 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552


Magnesium be metal element that exist both of general in the plant , in animal and the sea water , there are 21 life halves hour meet very in the body has spread is stayying 70 % general meet in 25 % frameworks s meet in 1 % muscle is between outside cell liquid , in usual state will meet that , the level of Magnesium , in , plasma 0.75-1.3 mmol/L (18-30 mg/L) , Magnesium , there is a role in the stimulation particularly specifies and is cofactor of enzyme. The many such as thiamine pyrophosphate Magnesium the ion will encourage the procedure , oxydative phospholyration if torn Magnesium this artfulness do not happen besides Magnesium , ion , still can represent ion manganese , in performing is cofactor get fully almost every interaction Magnesium there is important role in the shuffle between nucleic acids , and , nucleotide in the cell which will go to encourage the enzyme DNA polymerase RNA polymerase, ribonuclease, deoxyribonuclease and other enzyme at pertaining to the enzyme of the procedure metabolism , of , nucleic acid , Magnesium , there is opposite role with the calcium by Magnesium , go to halt the work of the enzyme myosine adenosine triphosphate and encourage the procedure , hydrolysis , of , acetylcholine , by change the way cholinesterase the effect has important role in transmitting trend the nerve and squeezing of the muscle when be outside the cell will pertaining to sodium transportation and the potassium change the cell membran that call that p - k pump , absorbing , in animal doesn't ruminate to have absorbing that at duodinum and at the beginning of the larger intestine the part in stomach animal totals up there is absorbing area , Reticulorumen (about 25%) absorbing character like [ model ] ACTIVE TRANSPORT driving part departs the body , will touch [ cheap ] dismiss in a picture of , cause urine and milk depletion , animal that receive the food that has the quantity of Magnesium not enough which be high class of Magnesium in plasma lowland that call that hypomagnesaemia bear fruit make the progress is slow the produce is low be born taut condition be upset convulse die finally Magnesium (Magnesium, Mg) Magnesium be the mineral again one that is significant build [ wasp ] animal specially in animal ruminates be likely in depletion show has easy splitting of of the magnesium in the body is like potassium , and important element in liquid within the cell , by 70 % Magnesium stay in 25 % frameworks are in the muscle and 1 % stay in outside cell liquid , in usual intensity condensed condition of Magnesium , in plasma , be between 0.75 - 1.3 mmol/L (18 - 30 mg/L) .




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