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วันอังคารที่ 16 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Effect from consuming food the protein

The body has no an organ at can pick the protein can keep very is like cow vegetarian food trick or , fat , the protein haded picked ? but , a few follow the tissue thoroughly go to , if , lack of nutrition the protein , body , will crumble the protein from the tissue comes to use , the tissue and an organ that can give the protein easy , be , the forces suits , liver , and the kidney , the condition is exceed , if , receive the protein exceedingly the requirement , for usual person still don't meet that , be punished that be severe , but , should careful about all cause , this time , especially who the disease kind some , but , who touch [ cheap ] hot water fire scalds a level is severe , should receive protein food increases .
1. having U oval very , which , will touch defecate urine way increases , then should careful in lay at the disease the kidney , for who the liver disease , (acute hepatic encephalopathy) , as a result , should not consume the protein too much , because of , the liver performs to build U oval no .
2. having acid U happens very , protein kind meat animal food has acid chips very , oval in acid chiped to became acid U to will must dismiss kidney way , if , abound the expansion , the duty defecates of the kidney , acid U is a substance that the kidney can dismiss difficult , then should careful in a person who is the disease the kidney , if , abound will cause the disease scratches , and the gallstone in the sense of walk .
3. having fatty acid urines is full and stump cow wait for more and more , the food that have tall protein will can like to from animal meat , at like to to have the fat aforementioned coexist always with , if , receive the protein from animal meat too much , may receive 2 both of kind this many fats follow to go to with , make have the risk builds bing disease blood heart vessel , narrow tall hard go up.




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