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วันอังคารที่ 23 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Copper :Cu

Copper in the body exists very in the liver , brain , kidney , heart , pigment , in eyes , I [ hair ] and carry , next exist in the pancreas , the muscle of the spleen , skin , and the bone , thyroid gland part , pituitary gland , and the gland thymus , there is the copper in the a little quantity , in tiny animal has will the copper in all organ , aforementioned , in tall quantity has more in big animal with full speed ahead already , the copper in the blood about 90% is in a picture of , a2-globulin, ceruloplasmin , and 10% stay in the erythrocyte , important duty of the copper , encourage the work of pertaining to enzyme , the procedure is metabolism , of the iron , building tissue , elastin , collagen , melanin , and the work of nervous center system , necessary build [ wasp ] building , hemoglobin , in the procedure builds the erythrocyte , (hematopoiesis) , by pertaining to something , mature , of the erythrocyte , besides , still bear fruit make the circulation of normal blood , pertaining to building substance a color , (pigment) , of the colour of hair , and fur , the copper had can to dismissed in the body by change by good sea , participate a little at touch [ cheap ] dismiss the way , a substance that dismissed pancreas way , urine , and sweat absorbing metabolism , and the driving goes out of the copper , absorbing copper the majority is born in the smaller intestine and especially in the larger intestine , copper part that dismissed come to is in the cause is the majority , and the minority was dismissed come to with urine , which the copper was dismissed come to with many bile in the sense of s walk the food there is a report that the driving goes out of the copper in the bile , be held to be the one artfulness in condition preservation equilibriums of the copper , and in animal ruminates to meet that , there is pouring copper comes out with the a little bile more in animal doesn't ruminate , in condition preservation equilibriums of the copper in the body was controled by chest driving of the copper more than enhances absorbing that the intestines which different from the iron mechanical of absorbing copper still don't know certain but believe in that , the copper absorbs in a picture of , stable soluble compleses the majority catches with , amino acid , but , do not touch [ cheap ] absorb in ion picture when touch [ cheap ] absorb the copper will catch with alblumin , and the amino acid like [ model ] , The loose in order to , be born transmitting goes to still the liver that is the storage collects of the copper , absorbing of the copper that receives from the food or , from salt inorganic substance not different place , absorbing copper in big animal with full speed ahead is between 5-10% but , in animal copper child was absorbed between 15-30% the factor that has absorbing of the copper at affect from the mineral together be molibdinum , and , the level of both of far watermelon condemns and that exist in the food affect absorbing of the copper , by , education subject eatables document please a science ruminan (117742) , the Mr.merit minds , the alkaline sharpens 455030074-8 zoology department agricultural sciences faculty , - 2 - Khornkaen watermelon far university and decrease the advantage of the copper in the sense of walk the food of animal , by the touch and the copper are a chemical compound that don't dissolve in the sense of walk the food , be , Cu-thiomolybdates , make absorbing of the copper is down , (Grace, 1983) , besides the factor about animal can is influential build [ wasp ] absorbing of the copper , e.g. absorbing of the copper in animal ruminates while , the stomach is rumen , still drag the feet , (pre-ruminant) , tall more animal that have the stomach rumen that develop with full speed very ahead , (0.8 , and 0.06 in the sheep , and 0.7 and 0.05 in the cow ) , and the parasite in the sense of walk the food meets that , affect absorbing of the copper also , the symptoms of animal that torns the copper cause the anemia in the character , hypochromic microcytic anemia , in thin animal kind such as , I [ rat ] , rabbit , and a pig , cause the anemia in the character , hypochromic microcytic anemia , in a cow and the sheep , in the lamb , pig child , and the biceps that torn the copper will act up nerve way call that symptoms , swayback , be , hind legs will disabled walk not convenient , the death rate is tall , bear fruit make building bone unusual be make the part cortex of long bone , (long bone) , The thin , fragile break easy , in the poultry bears fruit to make an egg is down , have a haemorrhage , and enhance death percent in the caterpillar of animal wing in the sheep makes a color carries unusual , if in the feed has the element , far watermelon and tall too tinplate animal will may act up to torn the copper because bilateral element will go to disturb the enzyme , sulfide oxidase , make the quantity sulfur in tall body goes up , which will make animal can not lead the copper goes to can apply the symptoms of animal that receives tall too copper , the sheep and cow child that receive the copper that mix to appeared exceed requirement many milk show yellow symptoms is pale (jaundice) have hemoglobin come out with urine (hemoglobinuria) , and tissue cell dies a lot of and die finally , a pig that receive the copper too much , the progress is will down , be the anemia but not be severe die immediately because of , the liver was destroied and have a haemorrhage a place of the copper in usual feed general state has will enough copper which depend on the mineral in the earth that grows the plant that with , the copper abounds in gang seed food now have copper addition in the feed in a picture of copper sulfate(CuSO4) , or , copper oxide ( CuO).




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