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วันอังคารที่ 23 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552


The chlorine is (chloline) , if mention will when is the chlorine ? . Must the leavings no that , must have the sodium always with in feed formula because 2 both of this elements work to accompany with when there is combination is in a picture of salt (NaCl), be the expansion palatability(appetite is) of proportion food of the salt in the food has can to help in eating of animal absorbing absorbing of the sodium and the chlorine, both of 2 this element can happen quickly but , when the mineral can is influential in absorbing thing other the chlorine is the mineral that has to load is ( minus,erase ) that abound most in the body something the majority is splitting in outside cell liquid such as plasma cerebrospinal fluid and liquid that protect to treat liquid within nerve center cell also with the sodium , at meet a little within the cell chlorine usual level in the plasma has about narrow value between 3.3 arrive at 3.9 a gram / liter depletion show , symptoms show torns the chlorine can happen a little in animal in the nature, because usually we add in salt picture for enhances eating for example show depletion chlorine animal greatly still have report perhaps clear however has will the symptoms resembles with torn the sodium , drowsy suffer from constipation , carry hard eating is down , produce alms is down. Work duty of the chlorine be formed important in load stay in liquid around duty important cell of location chlorine around the cell is build to equilibrium within and the outside of chlorine that cell still participate important that are an element of acid well up , in gastric juice in the stomach and have in some book mention the chlorine that , be the part helps to transmit of the immunity reaches blood trend and still dare to that take the eatables please at were digested with acid in the stomach send to go to still blood trend next again , something must in minimum quantity of the chlorine in the food , the chlorine that meet in that fruit has a little quantity and sometimes the vegetables in the nature are a place where Amen! besides , as a result still meet in torch earth water (the underground water is ), already have the bringing uses in a picture. Chlorinated, which use a substance sterilizes the disease is is bing that conspire to is in the food that consumes or the chlorine that mix in the feed is will in salt picture (NaCl) , in quantity lowland last human in the body to will induce to develop the body for grows up to come to 700 a milligramme /day absorbing the fat chips to seep and the driving go out the advantage of the chlorine in the food rather tall , and will send transfer in a picture of load mainlying will happen at the liver and the kidney dismiss of the chlorine are will in a picture of the cause and urine if there is a little driving chlorine goes out of the cause , urine , and be left be down with.




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