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วันอังคารที่ 23 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552


The cobalt had can to absorbed easily by the experiment digests in animal and a human have something , can in absorbing about 26.2% of all substance quantity of the cobalt at can can absorb (Toskes, 1973) because of from the education in usual human can can indicate that , within the intestines of a human can can absorb since , 20 arrive at 97% (Smith, 1987) absorbing solution the cobalt in animal will ruminate that a little effective more than animal that has one stomach about 3% from the change is giving in a picture of the vitamin B 12 s in rumen, (Smith and Marston, 1970). According to the procedure absorbs that change oral cavity way or ruminating within cobalt substance in the sheep or the cattle will happen about 84-98% appear see from faeces of animal within 5 s arrive at 14 day (Smith, 1987) the efficiency of cobalt supervision change to in a picture of the vitamin B 12 s will change to get back to with the cobalt that was imported go to in for the first time. Thus , Smith and Marston (1970) get a report goes to in 8-18% rates s of change procedure this time in the sheep that has cobalt supervision but have just about 3% when a substance has that to change enter for the first enough time already. in the vitamin had B 12 that produced have 1 only arrive at 3% to only absorbed enter among of all animal species the area where have absorbing of animal will ruminate to have sticking to stays a little in intestines area that has small-sized , the procedure will absorb to change down go to still smaller part intestine , and will have absorbing again at smaller intestine at the end area , absorbing that not good effective extremely , will affect go to still location microorganism in the stomach with the efficiency of absorbing is will down since. Cobalt substance has changed to become a substance that is not the vitamin B 12 which can not absorb or , applied get again or sometimes in substance production comes out between the vitamin B 12 with a substance quickly something digesting crumbles will touch control by way chemistry procedure , in the part of the vitamin B 12 s have will transmitting goes to still the wall in the intestines which there is substance requirement aforementioned and applied both of location tissue within and the outside at have can to capture with vitamin that substance , from the experiment and study to follow this requirement, referable from , McDowell. 1989)
(1) quantity vitamin supervision B 12 receive sufficiently.
(2) for usual stomach has that can not absorb the protein from the food will receive the vitamin B 12 at was liberated come out.
(3) usual stomach that produce a chemical compound for keeps for absorb the vitamin B 12 at smaller intestine at the end area.
(4) the pancreas is usual (tripsin) want the vitamin B 12 that liberated go out before there is touch between the vitamin and a chemical compound within and (5) smaller intestine at the end area will perform to is like catch a substance and use in absorbing with , spreading to the tissue and something may a picture of a substance , about 43% of the body that the cobalt will change to and may a picture that the muscle , and , about 14% will remain in the bone ( Underwood, 1977). Remainder will mixed up go to follow part tissue differs , for example kidney and the liver area part that have the cobalt is capturing in the a large amount will at , kidney , liver , pancreas , spleen , and the heart , share then think be 0.25,0.15,0.11,0.09, and 0.06 ppm respectively , Andrews (1960) , get a report keeps that , , the proportion of location cobalt in the liver is will born equal prevent with the vitamin B 12 with general animal , beneath grassland state that have cobalt quantity sufficiently in the grass , the cobalt that exist at the liver haded applied enough [ when ] prevent with the vitamin B 12 but , in occurrence cobalt condition is will born 1 only in 3 of the all cobalt at is born in the liver , the indicator that happen in case of of cobalt this depletion , can see that , in the vitamin will B 12 is severe more that happen from part other organ , at pertaining to the cobalt , generally the vitamin has B 12 can dissolve the water , Kominato (1971) , get a report arrives at half life state of the tissue is will bingalive about 32 day , the indicator indicates to arrive at the saving heals the tissue takes can keep , in case of the cattle and the sheep will can keep the vitamin B 12 in the liver have in depletion cobalt picture are many month bump against to have no the indicator of vitamin depletion B 12.




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