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วันอังคารที่ 23 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552


Introduction Choline be important thing in an organ of animal and still are valuable 2 bely , be structure division , ( building unit ) , and ? is a chemical compound in process fat supervision ? , choline can can separate that , be the vitamin again one of the vitamin B total up although it will no is regarded as is the vitamin truly choline have no the property is like the vitamin B it has can synthetic in the liver , be formed at the body will must very can see that , be the components in building figure more than the stimulator ( Coenzyme ) choline , be a chemical compound in the body which , discover before the vitamin , choline be important nutrient in animal almost all and use to are the food maintain for some kind animal ( e.g . the poultry and a pig , ). Duty choline dare to at 4 type in animal body choline dare to at in the process , metabolic , for building and support cell structure , have in , phpspholipid , at have the structure of , lecithine ( phosphatidylcholine ) meet in the importance of Protoplasm , and in last of clear tiny , choline , the center is in , phospholipid , that can separate be , phospharyl choline , cytidine diphosphate choline and last acid phosphatidic which cause lecithin. Lecithin be the part of , cell membrane of animal and have in the process dislocate the fat in a membrane cover the corpuscle , ( cell plasma membrane ) in condition progress unusual hindrance choline , will formed important at an element of phospholipid , at necessary in the cartilage that between the bone , the duty in the process metabolic and the analysis choline , loud show in 14.2 choline pictures dare to that in the process , metabolism , in liver fat , help interrupt fat accumulation in unusual liver ( liver fat ) by it will ventilate in a picture of lecithin or enhance the fatty acid has that to is useless in the liver by oneself choline be formed cause lipotopic which affect the fat in the process , metabolism by it makes the fat in the liver crumbles and can decrease , choline , in a picture of , acethylcholine , will formed signal the nerve when ,at nerve end that call that. Parasympathetic (a nerve that the head with at the coccyx ) it causes relayying motivation the nerve from the fiber , Presynaptic ( , near the dot joins ) go to at back dot fiber joins the nerve of the nervous system and last dot of the nervous system , (Sympathrtic and parasympathetic) an example of acetylcholine at liberate come out will formed encourage a nerve that a skull causes the heart dances slow down , and still make ovaries pipe can is born contract contraction , 4 duties of choline at get from the change of the group , methyl , in a picture of , methionine , from , homocystine and creatine from acid guanidoacetic. , however in practice , Choline - homocystine can analyse that , have no important relation in feed gang that will meet a little in the nature that yes share the process metabolic ( Ruiz et al ., 1983 ) the source of the group methyl that give choline that will opposite with the gang , beeten ( C5H11NO2 , ) be a chemical compound that use to cure frail muscle and deteriorate , ) which exist in liver fat but not enough cause bleeding condition in the kidney , the circuit of choline , loud show in 14.3 graphs which , tell arrive at the relation of an element and destruction of the group methyl .




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