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วันอังคารที่ 23 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552


Iodine is be details mineral ( trace element ) , one at have the requirement will of neither , be a human or animal no matter , and the mineral is thatting participate in in Thyrold hormone , thyroxine and thiiodthyronine , symptoms show of iodine depletion ( Iodine deficiency disorder ; IDD), express give see by the disease the goiter, (Goiter) that is to say the gland is Thyrold have large-sized go up unusual with regard to element iodine depletion progress development doesn't be in line with the distance (Hetzel,1990, cite by Russel,1992) , in show depletion element iodine human , there is give see get in throughout provincial of the disease , and especially , in animal , also . Absorbtion in the food and the water, iodine will stay in a picture inorganic iodide when log in a pipe the alimentary canal is (Gl tract) will touch [ cheap ] absorb by the touch like [ model ] , loose of , plasma protien iodine in a picture , iodie will touch [ cheap ] absorb enter still the lungs picture chemical compound iodine part such as iodoform lead take the iodine reaches can change skin way , eating that have the iodine pouring saliva or liquid that eat in digesting and were abridged , (Breakdown) , iodine , hormone , will touch [ cheap ] absorb come back by change the footpath of the system digests the food , in animal ruminan , there is about 70-80% in the part of hole round stomach is that suck to get back to and again 10% suck get back to in stomach part , Abomasum , because iodine there is the relation directly in liquid in hole round stomach takes to assemble the iodine , picture lodothyronine and lodinated amino acid be formed that make have fruitful secret seeing , the lead goes to use of the tissue and splitting the iodine was sucked get back to and have spread log in liquid have in the body quickly when body receive iodine place by plasma sent go to still Thyroid gland 90% more of that receive Thyroid gland apply and dismiss urine way , will have the saving dams up (Storage) , keep get by intensity condensed system , and lead went to use by something oxidise get quickly , and will lead come back in a picture of Thyrosine which show stay in a picture , Monoiodotyrosine , Diiodotyrosine , triiodotyronine (T3) , Tetraiodothyrosine (Thyroxine ; T4) , and have a chemical compound in other picture such as Thyroglobuline , be a picture of the iodine catches with the protein and the fat is (glycoprotein) , in Thyroid gland , be storage place collects in a picture of the hormone more 90% will a picture of the iodine is Thyroid procedure , metabolism , of the iodine in air milk bubble ovaries untidiness , be an organ that have the pulling applies , the iodine is a lot of , such as , in the caterpillar (Fetus) in animal is born new , and in the ovaries of the mammal , the iodine in the body a body helps is born the development of egg bulb , (follicle) , there is sucking uses the iodine in a picture , I which there is the accumulation in the tissue in the blood of the pancreas already have the transportation , thyroxine , go to still the caterpillar , quickly in the distance of pregnancy , the poisonous and element iodine depletion , (TOXICITY) , a kind of animal has feelings quickly , (Susceptibility) , build [ wasp ] the poisonous of the iodine but animal has will the durability builds the level of the iodine , exceedingly the requirement and have the durability builds iodine level , such as , animal ruminates 5 ppm (NRC , 1980) 300 ppm , 400 ppm , 50 ppm , pig poultry horse levels for in animal s ruminate , the show arrives at something the poison of the iodine , might happen when exist in 50 - 100 ppm foods in animal age a little has the rapidity builds [ wasp ] something the poison of the a little iodine more than animal that is breast-feeding , in animal child ruminates to meet that , durable build [ wasp ] the poisonous done to a turn 50 ppm levels s in the addition appeareds the food pays back milk , get 5 long ago week. Toxicosis (depress apatite) , dull , listless, excessive tear food iodine alms too much make losing performing work system s of the hormone work system of immunity cell , (cell- mediated immune system) by decrease building ability , antibody to meet build [ wasp ] disease occurrence , which bingpoisonous of the iodine happens quickly the back receives the iodine too much , the poisonous that express to come to in egg chicken , feed in liver cage , be , decrease egg produce , egg size is down , and decrease hatchbility in a pig , if receive the iodine in 400 ppm level foods s don't press the progress , using food efficiency , but if receive 800 ppm go to press the progress , decrease eating , decrease the level of the corpuscle , decrease condensed intensity of iron level in the liver.




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