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วันอังคารที่ 23 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Depletion magnesium

Depletion show in animal that receive the food that torns magnesium , make condensed intensity of magnesium be down call that hypomagnesaemia , make the progress and the produce are down , there is the symptoms is upset when the level is magnesium lower very ,might bring about to the symptoms shakes to jerk be born the convulsion wriggles to draw bend and die finally the symptoms torns in a pig the symptoms that torn in a pig until the level , hyperirritability , will have muscle symptoms jerks , the balancing act is not good , The frail , and ( lose/go dead ) the equilibrium in the body , draw and die finally meet that there are death upland rate in pig child from a report meets that if a pig torns in 25 levels or , 75 ppm bear fruit as follows be slow growth, stepping syndrome and die finally if torn until 125 ppm levels have will the symptoms tetany and death the symptoms torns in the poultry , animal that receive the food that has magnesium lowness will affect the progress , make excessivelying slow , be tame seep , draw and die , in egg chicken meets that the size of an egg and the weight are down , and hatching rate goes out with less in a duck if there are many depletions , as a result , will die in 10-16 period of times day , the symptoms torns in ruminant , animal that torn severely , be be high class magnesium , in low blood , (hypomagnesaemai) act up convulse , subject to spasms , and die finally , might born and calcium depletion or fever milk especially in the milk cow that give a result to produce in tall milk , which , will show the relation with magnesium , in the blood , be the level of magnesium , low 0.2 mmol/L ( 5 mg/L) just.




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