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วันอาทิตย์ที่ 24 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2552


Generally very corn goes out to are 5 the group
1. Field Corn , at know in now such as head dented corn (Dent Corn) , and obstinate corn, (Fint Corn) , which ,be the calling follows seed dented character or the head is dented , kind this corn when , dry seed straight already the head portion will uppermost have dented trace down goes to, which be the part of white powder , kind this corn is important and like to grow very in , The United States of America , especially strip neck way a color of a seed has since , white go to until yellow, because of have many late involve have a little more corn obstinate gang , corn is obstinate breed this part corn carries last of a seed often has very yellow and when , dry very hard within a seed has that make corn substance has very yellow is a substance gives a color that the name, (Cruptoxanthin) this substance when , animal receives animal body will change this substance to besides this substance still help to give the yolk has crimson , help give, there is the skin mouth meat, and the shin has dark yellow go up , be popular of the market especially strip [ zone The United States of America part England that ] likes to use white corn.
2. Sweet Corn , be corn which a servant eats , have no the change status, a seed will like to clear and wilt when old with full speed ahead, because abound before cooked will have sweet more than other kind, then call sweet corn , there is many species.
3. Pop Corn , be corn which a servant eats, have no the change status, a seed rather hard , good color and different size for the foreign countries, if a seed has keen character calls that Rice Corn, if a seed is round , call that pearl corn, (Pearl Corn), powder corn.
4. Flour Corn, a seed has various kinds color such as whiteness (turbidity, or mix small yellow) , or dark blue or there is both of white and blue dark in same sheath , because of , mutate , the gang that have dark color seed and the gang mutate to call that Indian red corn , (Squaw Corn) , or , call get again the name that (Native Corn) , corn dark color this gang has will , tall more corn which have white powder , candle corn.
5. Waxy Corn, be corn which a servant eats , will have powder that have the particularities is , be soft sticky , because in powder meat will compose gang powder , (Amylose) , assemble with , then make powder rather hard, corn which use to domesticate animals in Thailand has many the breed , at like to grow in Thailand for example hat breed fat beat 12(Rep.1) the hat , fat, B 12 fat B 5 sticky corn, and the -2 Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has a seed since , The white, yellow go to until red the size of a seed depends on the breed , generally will have the diameter is during 0.5-0.8 a centimetre, before bring domesticate animals then must grind before for help testify digest and mixxing effective improves at grind already will have the size about 1-8 a millimeter.




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