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วันอาทิตย์ที่ 24 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2552

Function of Amino acids

The amino acid is way chemistry division , or , be the format for induce to build the protein , the protein can not built or, hold by without combination of the amino acid , therefore , for , understand that, how is amino that important acid ? , you must understand before that , how is that important protein ? build [ wasp ] the living , the protein is the components of every the structure and of everything are alive , tiny organ most until big most of living every kind things , will compose the protein in many the format , the protein then is way chemistry necessary that make our components is living can , in human body , the protein is formed build the muscle, bone, skin, blood, ligament , organ , gland, hair, nail, enzyme, hormone, antibody, and all liquid in the body, (the bile and urine ), the protein is necessary components for the growth of the bone , enzyme, hormone, and jeans, which unless, the water has already, the protein is pillar components in the body arrives at 20% of weight , therefore protein , then the important factor most build having body strong , and have good health , because , the protein will perform to build the tissue in the body , repair and maintain , for extend the tissue in the body , food other part just perform to support only , necessary protein for building bone , erythrocyte cell , and disease immunity , and perform formed lead oxygen goes to use in the body as well , for , get completed protein , amino especial type acid will must assemble well , which , amino acid , can arrange each other in all format can is the protein arrives at 50,000 different kind , and 20,000 a kind is the enzyme , each kind protein is born from assembling of amino different acid a lot of , link up prevent for apply follow especial necessity like, which ,can not exchange can , and the amino acid , participate assemble of the nitrogen arrives at 16% then different from the carbohydrate , and the fat in the body. When have a meal protein kind such as animal meat , the body must digest the protein to amino free acid , or , again call again the one name that, the amino acid is single, (Amino Acid). Before absorb go inside the cell for build the protein that wants , the protein composes 22 amino kind acids in the ratio appropriately , the quality of the protein in the food depends on , the ratio of the amino acid , at exist in that protein , the ratio of the amino acid , at best for human body , for example , , mother milk , (give 100) topmost full reddish yellow both of worths , (94) , cow's milk, (85) , poultry meat and the fish , (stay between 86 - 76) 22 amino kind acids that are that know. Which will assemble prevent the protein , again many hundred many involve a kind in living every kind things , in human body has can to produce the amino acid 80% according to the body can want , by when , the body receives amino necessary acid completely. Which we call the amino acid that the body has produced by oneself this that, the amino acid not necessary , (Nonessential Amino Acids) , which, for example , Alanine , Arginine , Aspartic Acid, Asparagine, Cystine, Glutamine, Glycine, Proline, Serine and Tyrosine.
The part will 20% again must receive from eating , because , the body has can not to build by oneself , which , call that, not swell out that necessary , (Essential Amino Acids) , which , there is together 9 a kind , for example, Histidine, lsoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan and Valine.
The amino acid is these , the majority exists in kind beef food , chicken , fish , milk , butter , and an egg , there are many persons think fertilely eating , will get the protein completely , this assumption dishonestly is tricked one , because , the protein in the food will lose to go to when , change all process such as , using heat , the chilling is hard , drying out , chemicals all expansion , how much is the food extremely change production process comes to ? , extremely lose many proteins only , amino majority acid, can appear in the format that is is like a picture in the sheet glass of again one , that call that D - and L - series , be the amino acid in nature format , at meet in living all things, except, Phenylalanine , the procedure assembles of the amino acid is the protein, or separate the protein is amino one acid for was applied in the body , be connection procedure concerns , when we want enzyme protein very much, the body will produce the protein , enzyme , when , we want to build the cell, body , will produce the protein for build the cell , the body will produce all protein , at the body wants to upward from amino necessary acid , and the body will can not produce all protein can come out. If torn amino necessary acid any one which , bring about to a lot of way health problems. If without the amino acid , the nervous system that perform like transmitting signal the majority can not can perform (be the important factor in the brain, for take , send the data). If torn the amino acid , might cause the error in sending news information , receiving protein will tall quantity help to enhance the quickness has of the brain temporary , in other part , for necessary nutrient builds existence, the amino acid helps to give the vitamin , and the mineral salts , can perform completed with full speed ahead , and help absorbed go to can use easy and effective.




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