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วันอังคารที่ 19 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2552

Importance of Nutrition

The importance and the duty of the nutrient in the body , each kind nutrient will dare to at , property , and metabolism , different , the importance and the duty of the nutrient in enough [ when ] body will have delivered a speech generally
1. as follows give the energy , (energy producing food) , for example ,kind food carbohydrate , and fat , if the body has energy from 2 kind this not enough nutrients , body , willcrumble the protein to.
2. energies are the components in the body, (body building food) , such as , brain , muscle , and the bone , etc. , the tissue in the body has will building and crumbling all the time , thus the body then want the food especially the protein for the progress in a child , and repair the part that is worn in.
3. adults s are formed control the work of all process , (regulation food) , such as, gang vitamin food , and the mineral salts , which will perform the components of the enzyme , enzyme cow and all hormone , that perform be , body regulator , in the supervision metabolism , of all substance , in the body proceed can go to usually.
4. Use in syntheticcing substance necessary and perform varied important ,such as, hemoglobin , glutathione , bile salt , and the antibody , etc. The food will that consume that should perform 4 both of like this to completely, thus we then have to consume many kind food , fully , so that , the body will receive every kind nutrient.




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