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วันอังคารที่ 19 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2552


The knowledge about , amino acid , the protein has the division digests to are the amino acid , the amino acid has 20 all a kind , compose prevent go up late the protein , exist two the format is , like L -form and D -form , bilateral like this to have the character reverses , only live left whirl or, right of arrangement comes to fix, for the amino acid in animal and the amino acid in a person , will have alike acid , but arrangement of those acid, be opposite , the amino acid is tiny division most of the protein , the amino acid composes the atom of the nitrogen , at least 1 the atom , we might think the amino acid is acid , and have sour, lemon , but no truth , because , it has the state rather is impartial , will have the be acid a little in the sense of of the biochemistry only , when we eat the protein enters , gastric juice will do digesting piece the protein , go out the group of , amino acid , many the group , after that the body then begin to absorb , amino acid , one by one enter use , our body can not pick the amino acid keeps to use, at it picks the sugar keeps to are the energy , thus amino exceed acid comes to , as a result , crumbled abandon , by take the part that is the nitrogen , go out with urine , in a picture of , uria , the part that is hydrogen carbon and oxygen , will touch [ cheap ] the body changes to the energy , for pillar advantage of , amino acid , all right old 1. the amino acid is the raw material , which , be the division digests in building cell , and the tissue in the body , perform two bely , build new protein in the body one, again one use repair the part that is worn 2. extremely have amino many acid , as a result , enhance the ability in building enzyme for uses in many digestion , and still enhance the ability in the reproduction of a human with 3. amino necessary acid for circulating of 4. amino acid bloods give the energy to the body , by the 1 gram protein will give 4 calorie protein energies , (or be the amino acid there ) , in our body , there is the character moves all the time , be have both of building , and the destruction at the same time , the part will that build fast more destroy that , as a result , depend on age , physical condition ( of one's body ) , sickness , such as old person goes up , as a result , will have crumbling protein more than building , we can divide the protein goes out to are three a kind , by separate be see that it has, the amino acid is necessary, for
Example ,lysine ,valine ,Isoluecine ,luecine ,trionine ,tryptophan ,methionine ,phenylalanine , and histidine) , stay completely ? , by divide get as follows
1. completed protein , mean , compose , the amino acid is necessary , fully every kind for example ,the protein from animal meat , and a chicken and the fish , egg , milk , which , extremely cultivate a body should have , but , must remember if , the food is these , unless , give the protein has already , as a result , still have the fat , and tall cholesterol with , using supplementary food is the way avoids at good .
2. one the protein almost completed , mean , have , amino acid , necessity , fully almost , torn one just arrive at two only , will stay in something plant such as , sheath beans , or , beans which have all seed , kind this protein , use get with big person has already , because , arrive at will get the amino acid not fully , but , have no result how much is the health ? , but , prohibit give with a child anyway , because , will make not big child .
3. as expected imperfect protein , mean , have no amino necessary acid.




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