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วันศุกร์ที่ 15 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2552


Be the education arrives at the relation between the food and the health in the body , both of in the sense of the quantity and the proportion of the nutrient that the body should receive , for apply the energy in the addition builds and repair all part , and the change of the nutrient , (metabolism) , for the lead goes to use , which , the process that relate , cover since , digesting , absorbing , chip suit , shipping , the saving collects , and the driving transfers to go out in the body , if , the procedure aforementioned this is in the condition equilibriums , will cause the body is living can normally happy and have good health , energy requirement and all nutrient in the body on each day can have the change , depend on , age , gender , environment , the condition of the health and living character , etc. , besides , , the nutrition still mention the food that is appropriate for some kind person , such as , athlete , or , in the condition at , the body has way physiology change , such as , the distance is pregnant , or , breast-feed a child , or , there is the sickness from the disease all , and this subject still cover to arrive at all toxin , at contaminated come to with the food which , might built the bad result gives with a consumer , thus can see that , , science eatables is many pertaining to knowledge side subject , both of agriculture side , the production and food preservation , cooking arts , microbiology , science poison , tradition culture , including , the belief about consuming food , if , be omniscient about [ story ] good nutrition , will make consume the food has correctly , there is normal both of body progress and the intelligence , there is disease immunity , play the sport and can work efficiently ,




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