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วันอาทิตย์ที่ 24 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2552

Decrease value feed pig and poultry

In the situation that the herdsman especially a pig and the poultry such as , meat chicken, egg chicken etc. Meet with price feed problem, or raw feed expensive material , meanwhile, the produce has that from domesticating animals gets back to valuable don't equilibrium with value feed upland capital goes up , herdsman agriculturist will neither is small-sized farm or , large-sized necessary farm will very to much must seek the way s reduce the expenses or , the capital in domesticating animals , for can pass by this crisis can give , and the thing that the agriculturist will have can to decrease the capital very are food value that use to domesticate animals , because of , majority capital in domesticating animals is will food value , thus if , the agriculturist mixes the feed will have used by oneself help to give can decrease value food capital very , capital value feed reduction in principle bing, price reduction of food formula that uses to domesticate animals lower , while way eatables worth please of food formula still originally , for the trend in capital value reduction, the feed might can do varied such as formula food calculation has the eatables please or , the nutrient differs, just enough with the requirement of pets , or , have the paramour of the eatables please or , the nutrient least , especially, the protein in food formula which , be expensive nutrient, or in case of the agriculturist buys the already cooked food that has to sell area the market , should choose buy already cooked straight food with a kind and the size of that pets, by this agriculturist way , will can decrease value feed capital has in the one level , or the filtration uses raw feed cheap material pays back raw feed expensive material in food formula in case of , the agriculturist mixes the feed uses by oneself , will help set the price the feed lowers while , the quality is or , nutrient quantity that have in food formula still originally , in the state now raw feed material that uses to are the components of feed formula that is using generally such as, the fish is powdery , soybean waste , broken-milled rice, and expensive corn goes up very , make value feed capital increases to follow go to with , if the agriculturist knows to choose use raw kind other material, at cheap especially raw feed material that is way agriculture by-product and the industry come to pay back the raw material that are using generally , as a result will help give domesticating animals capital in the part that is feed value decreases to lower , however the filtration uses raw feed cheap material comes to pay back raw expensive material in food that formula , the agriculturist has to are omniscient about raw that material, such as , what kind is raw that material has the nutrient ? very can apply to is a place of kind protein nutrient , or be a place of the energy , if be a place of the protein , can use pay back powdery fish , or soybean waste has some part or all , if be a place of the energy , might can use pay back corn , or the broken-milled rice in food formula etc. , besides , the agriculturist will must know if , how much is the nutrient that have in raw that animal material has can to digest and absorb apply the advantage very a little ?. there is will or not is the toxin ? and that important must can procure cheap easy and have enough quantity to will apply to are the feed , the agriculturist will must is persistent take care feed alms lest , be born the fall drops to lose such as , adjust the character of food shallowness deep gutter of a gutter , including , wideness size of food gutter are appropriate a kind and the size of animal for can protect to don't give animal rummage or , transfer the cause appeareds food gutter , feed alms in each time should not too until too much because , will make a chance that the food will spill to drop abound go up , should feed each time just enough with at animal eats or , feed gradually but , feed many times go up , as a result will help decrease losing of the feed , which , be the one way has in capital value food reduction and animal production , and the agriculturist might decrease value food capital by fining decrease food quantity that give animal eat , especially in feeding pig can decrease food quantity that 10% from down the quantity that a pig eats with full speed ahead , or will use the grass carries fresh slice to mix cooperate food formula in 10% quantities s by the weight in feeding pig feeds , will make can devalue the food has down 10% by a pig still has progress normal rate.




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